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Savage Family Office works closely with clients to find the best personal insurance policies to protect individuals and families from various risks. Our insurance professionals can speak with you and clearly explain each form of insurance. Protecting those we love is always a concern – and putting personal insurance in place can give you the security of knowing you or your loved ones will not suffer needless financial problems should the unexpected occur.

Auto Insurance

Finding the best auto insurance policy can be difficult, but at Savage Family Office, we can help. Under many state laws, you are required to have auto insurance, but which policy is best for you or your family? The first step is to speak with one of our friendly team members so we can find out what car insurance policy makes the most sense for you – and for your budget.

Homeowner/Renter Insurance

Homeowners Insurance coverages help protect you from unforeseen events that can strike without warning. Along with protecting your home, it also helps cover your belongings, including furniture, clothing and other items. Renter’s insurance is an affordable way to protect yourself and your possessions from being financially ruined by damage or loss. This policy provides you with property coverage and liability protection in the event of an accident, disaster, or theft.

Homed-Based Business

The right business insurance can be a powerful ally as you work hard to build your business from scratch. But it’s important not to buy something that doesn’t fit your needs.  That’s why we’ve worked so diligently to develop specific business insurance policies that are designed to address the unique risks faced by individual home-based businesses. And our experienced team will carefully review your needs, helping you decide which policy best fits your situation.

Rideshare & Delivery Drivers

With rideshare coverage from Savage family Office, you can be covered whether you’re behind the wheel making money or not. This flexible policy lets you choose where and when you want to drive without having to pay higher premiums for the coverages you don’t need all the time. And if something should happen before or after your shift, this coverage helps to protect your vehicle and pay for damage repairs.

Gun Owner Insurance

With our Gun Owners’ Liability Insurance, you are automatically protected if you use a registered firearm to defend yourself against an attacker. We give you immediate access to trained professionals who will help guide you through your legal rights and possible outcomes. Reclaim your peace-of-mind knowing that you, as an individual, are protected from specific types of claims. Reduce the cost and time involved with defending a claim, as the insurance company handles your defense and carries all costs.

Commercial Driver Insurance

Properly insured commercial auto insurance policies cover the vehicles you own as well as those you rent. Policies include coverage for cars, vans, pickup trucks, buses, and fleet expenses. We make it easy for you to obtain the right coverage at a competitive price. Our commercial auto insurance experts can offer you valuable tips on how to take care of your vehicles.

Cyber Protection

Offering the most protection against cyberattacks, Savage Family Office gives you holistic and multi-layered protection —without slowing your business down. SFO provides solutions to identify and stop threats across physical, virtual, cloud and mobile devices. By providing you with an integrated platform, your business is better protected from cyberattacks, so you can focus on revenue-generating activities like innovation and growth.

Commercial Driver Legal Plans

SFO understands that being a CDL driver comes with unique responsibilities; And unfortunately, there are many situations that could put your CDL at risk, including traffic violations, accidents, and even medical conditions. SFO provides resources and services to drivers that helps keep your CDL record stay clean and keep CSA points low. 


We're proudly located in the Washington/Baltimore metro area in Ellicott City, MD. 


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