About Us

Our passion is helping you build a prosperous future.

About Us

Savage Family Office is a pioneer in making it feasible for clients to fulfill their dreams by utilizing our professional assistance and services. We value our clients and strive to ensure that they receive the best coverage.

Our method consists of offering quality, comprehensive, and professional assistance, fully customized for you, to provide you with insurance coverage and business development services. Our goal is to cultivate your success.

People are utilizing our services like never before to celebrate and enjoy their life, to help their day-to-day business processes, which streamlines their life. We go the extra mile to guarantee that we deliver assistance facilitating and empowering our clients to continue living their best lives while never compromising on their financial independence.

There is no dream that is too small or too large to achieve. During our initial consultation with you, we invite you to share those dreams and goals with us. By understanding your needs, we are able to provide the ideal plan and support you need.

Some people have never considered the idea of hiring an insurance broker or a business consultant. They find it confusing or think it is only meant for those with excessive amounts of wealth. This simply isn’t true. Savage Family Office prides itself on giving our clients access to a large number of services and affordable coverage that is explicitly intended to assist those looking to meet their needs.

We are a family-owned business and proudly live up to our name. The Savage Family Office is set on a course to assist and support families while building happy, wealthy communities. We are best known for providing customer service excellence. We, along with our valued talented team members will be there with you every step of the way to ensure that your goals are met. We commit to serving you with respect and integrity.

Savage Family Office is pleased to serve people from various backgrounds as our responsibility is to help them with no discrimination at all. Savage Family Office doesn’t make void vows. We deliver what you deserve and desire.

Core Values

We want your experience to be “PERFECT”


“To serve well; To teach well; To be encouraging; To give generously”
Committed to fulfilling goals as our intention is supported by professional practices and a unique approach taking your needs into account


“To provide customer service excellence, always”
Direct towards excellence in every perspective by passing on, quality assistance, outstanding worth, and continually surpassing the bar on our services. Our services mirror our undeterred vigor to accomplish our objectives by embracing new ways and inspiring us into a model.


“To leave a positive and lasting impression on everyone we encounter”
We focus on achieving results to add the best value and uplift communities while we continually improve on what and how we offer improving results significantly as we aggressively pursue to bring financial revolution.


“Always evolving; Innovation is the key to remaining agile for our clients and the communities we serve”
Anticipating future challenges while utilizing technology and state-of-the-art methodologies as an effective solution.


“Never stop giving; Never stop growing”
At Savage Family Office, we strive to empower people to create an inclusive and empowered lifestyle, as we provide a platform to invest and engage them to achieve their goals collectively.


“To be transparent, ethical and engaged in your success and well-being”
To display how it’s done and to motivate others through our actions for the ethical development of our local area. We pride ourselves in exhibiting determination, strength, and respect.


“To be a servant leader to our clients”
Accountable and unbending in commitment to do the right thing and make the best choice while regarding our clients’ values. We are committed to sharing our expertise with the goal of customizing and executing the strategies for your financial security and peace of mind. We are with you every step of the way!


We're proudly located in the Washington/Baltimore metro area in Ellicott City, MD. 


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